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They are not aware that there are excellent treatment options available generic zoloft 25 mg with visa depression sous jacente definition. This is one of the primary purposes of this book—to educate practitioners of TCM and the parents of these bed-wetting sufferers that Chinese medicine is a valu- able and effective option order zoloft 25mg amex neurotic depression definition. The Chinese medical treatment of this disease is very successful as indicated by the research in this book. When compared to modern Western medicine, these treatments are superior and have better rates of resolu- tion with no side effects. They have already tried some method of treatment that did not work and have become discouraged. As stated above, Chinese medicine offers a variety of treatments that are effective in treating enuresis. Unresolved bed-wetting means another year of interrupted sleep (for the child and their family), soiled sheets and clothes, and, most of all, very discouraged children and their parents. Even doctors in China agree that, once an individual reaches puberty, this con- dition is significantly more difficult to treat. Introduction 7 Children who have enuresis deserve relief from their suffering, and, with the right treatment, almost everyone can improve their condition within a matter of weeks. From a TCM perspective, a variety of effective solutions are available and may be used alone or in combination with other methods. It is a clinical reality that different treatments work better for different people, and, in the case of enuresis, this is also true. Included in this book are over 200 Chinese medical treatments that have been proven to be effective in treating enuresis. The bad feelings that can accompany bed-wetting are not as easy to fix as dirty sheets. This common pediatric condition, while never life-threatening, almost always creates some psychological and emotional stress within the bed-wetter and the family. By the age of six or seven years old, the social cost of enuresis begins to rise. Children who suffer with spontaneous urination at night often feel unable to join in on activities that involve a night away from home, such as slumber parties, camp-outs, family vacations, or summer camp. Since this condition is most common during years when the formation of friendships is so important, being left out of the fun can be very difficult for a child. Therefore, this is usually a good time to begin treatment according to modern Western medicine. From the TCM perspective where prevention of disease is more important, the earlier the treatment begins the better. Psychological problems are almost always the result of PNE and are only rarely or never the cause. The comorbidity of behavioral prob- lems is 2-4 times higher for children with nocturnal enuresis in all epidemiologic studies. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of most common behavioral problems in children. Studies have shown that NE and ADHD have a rate of co-occurrence of about 30%. Their findings suggest that NE does not seem to increase the risk of psy- chopathology in children after accounting for the presence or absence of ADHD and that NE, by itself, was associated with an increased risk for learning disability, impaired intellectual functioning, and impaired school achievement in normal control children but not in children with ADHD. The authors also suggested that, among 10 Treating Pediatric Bed-wetting with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine selected children, a thorough diagnostic assessment of ADHD be performed in the presence of NE. For some, this starts early; for others it becomes notice- able as the school work becomes more challenging. Often, the symptoms are similar to those associated with ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD, such as hyperactivity, socializing at inappropriate times, not being able to focus, and having a difficult time concentrating. Actually, in many patients that had been previ- ously diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, symptoms will disappear after effective treatment for their bed-wetting. Some conclude that the deep sleep bed-wetters often experience is an oxygen deprived form and, therefore, an unhealthy sleep. They further conclude that it is because of this that many bed-wetting children have symptoms similar to those of ADD/ADHD. Because enuresis carries such a stigma in our society, the emo- tional impact of nocturnal enuresis on a child and family can be enormous.

Medicinal products PATIENTS (SUMMARY POINTS OF ICH and illnesses that delay or accelerate the GCP E11) onset of puberty can have a profound effect Decisions on how to stratify studies and data by and may affect final height zoloft 100 mg online anxiety young children. Many diseases age need to take into consideration developmental are also influenced by the hormonal changes biology and pharmacology generic 100 mg zoloft depression nursing diagnosis. The identification of around puberty and hormonal changes may which ages to study should be medicinal product- thus influence the results of clinical studies. The complexity of and (SUMMARY POINTS OF ICH GCP E11) ethical considerations involved in studying preterm newborn infants requires a careful The paediatric population represents a vulnerable protocol development with expert input from subgroup. Therefore, the following special mea- neonatologists and neonatal pharmacologists. By 1–2 years of age, clearance of on their parent(s)/legal guardian to assume many drugs on a mg/kg basis may exceed adult responsibility for their participation in clinical values and then it may be dependent on specific studies. The risks include discomfort, incon- one in which the patients are unable to provide venience, pain, fright, separation from parents individual consent. Of all the problems surrounding research in PAEDIATRIC INFORMED CONSENT children, the one that poses perhaps the most complex question is research ethics. Children Children are not legally able to provide consent are not legally able to provide consent and the and the extent to which children are able to under- extent to which children are able to understand stand the meaning, risks and potential benefits of the meaning, risks and potential benefits of participating in clinical trials varies enormously participating in clinical trials varies enormously according to age and background. For this counted as members of a vulnerable population reason it may be appropriate to address some at risk for exploitation and are given special pro- points related to the IRB review, including the tection in clinical research. In paediatric trials, informed consent process, in paediatric trials just as in adult trials, materials in an understand- more specifically than outlined in the ICH GCP able language, opportunities to discuss the trial, E11 guideline. One document that addresses this and freedom to withdraw without penalty must topic at more depth is the Review and Award be provided to potential subjects. Codes for the NIH Inclusion of Children Policy Investigators are ultimately held responsible from 1999. The following partly originates from for ensuring adequate informed consent. More this document, but also incorporates sources than two decades of inquiry into the process listed at the end of this chapter. The posed: evolving psychological and emotional develop- ment of children and adolescents presents chal- No greater than minimal risk lenges to paediatric investigators not encountered • Assent of the child and permission of at least when dealing with adult subjects. Results from studies in healthy direct benefit and sick children suggest that also children have this capacity. Several investigators have evalu- • Assent of the child and permission of at least ated the degree to which minors from school one parent. Even very young children demonstrate • Anticipated benefit is as least as favourable as inquisitiveness about the proposed research. Greater than minimal risk and no prospect of Even seven-year-old children can understand the direct benefit purpose of a study. Such observations support • Assent of the child and permission of both the requirement by most ethics boards that assent parents. Paediatric subjects SPECIFIC PROBLEMS OF PAEDIATRIC can thus provide an informed agreement to partic- STUDIES ipate, but the assent process should be conducted using discussions that encourage questions. SUBJECT RECRUITMENT Obtaining Informed Permission–Assent–to Insufficient enrollment of children is the most Participate common reason for discontinuing paediatric stud- ies. Creating and expanding networks for paedi- Regulations permit studies involving minimal atric pharmacology studies, such as in the US and risk in children, with the provision that permis- Europe, are steps in the right direction to recruit sion from parents and assent from subjects are enough subjects. Research involving greater than min- recruitment rate for paediatric studies include: imal risk, but providing potential direct benefit to the child, is also permitted with the same • Strict inclusion and exclusion criteria; provision. There are some exceptions to the • Limited size of the paediatric population; requirement for assent and consent. Assent is • That each age group has to be consid- not necessary for research expected to directly ered separately; benefit the child. Assent must be an active • Inconvenience for the parents in having their affirmation from any child with an intellectual children participate in a clinical study; age of seven years or older. CLINICAL TRIALS IN PAEDIATRICS 53 • Doctors are wary of jeopardising the doc- Just taking adult protocols, then changing the age tor–patient relationship, or losing the trust in the inclusion criteria and the dose, is not good of parents.

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Another consideration is that each unit cell should store an individual pixel value and then use it to modulate the biphasic pulse that is input to the retinal tissue through the NCG discount zoloft 50mg mood disorder with catatonic features. Note that the biphasic pulse and the image data are both generated o¤-chip buy zoloft 100mg without prescription depression residual symptoms. This allows greater flexibility during human testing because any image sequence can be input and com- bined with any shape of biphasic pulse. Ancillary Electronics The operation of the test device during acute experiments is controlled and powered by external ancillary electronics (figure 2. The input signal is an image sequence at data rates fast enough to achieve 60 frames per second. As mentioned earlier, the multiplexer array can be designed to sample the multiplexed input signal in a manner compatible with the RS-170 format. This allows the test prothesis to be interfaced 36 Dean Scribner and colleagues Figure 2. The pixel values are acquired from a camera (or any other video system that generates RS-170 signals) and are routed to each unit cell via a pixel-by-pixel raster scan through the on-chip multiplexer. The biphasic pulse is generated o¤-chip and delivered to each unit cell via a global connection. Stimulation of Large Retinal Tissue Areas 37 directly with any standard video camera. This includes the use of a personal com- puter that stores digital imagery and can display sequential fields at a 60-Hz rate. The drive electronics control of the multiplexer array uses precisely timed pulses in a manner similar to that used in typical imaging arrays. The sync pulse generator is used to synchronize the RS-170 signal with the clocking pulses. Briefly, the sync pulse generator detects the beginning of each RS-170 field and then sends a corresponding pulse to the drive electronics box that triggers the clocking signals that control each field of image data input to the multiplexer. The isolation interface box is used to iso- late the human subject from any high-voltage power supplies. The box contains optocouplers that isolate the clocks and biphasic pulse signals and low-voltage bat- teries for supplying bias potentials. The biphasic pulses used to stimulate the retinal tissue can be programmed so that any pulse shapes can be tested. First, because the input impedance to the retinal tissue has both a resistive and capacitive reactance associated with it, a square-wave voltage pulse will not produce the desired square-wave current pulse. Neurobiologists have found that square-wave current pulses are best to achieve e¤ective neural stimulation. With knowledge of the output impedance at the electrode/retina interface, a voltage shape can be computed that will provide a square-wave current pulse, thus providing e‰- cient stimulation. Second, there is evidence that di¤erent-shaped pulses will stimulate di¤erent layers of the retina—probably because of their di¤ering frequency responses. Specifically, it is expected that either the ganglion or bipolar cells can be selectivity stimulated. Stimulating the bipolar cells instead of the ganglion cells has the advan- tage of reaching more deeply into the retina, allowing more use of natural signal processing. Algorithms As mentioned earlier, direct electrical stimulation of the ganglion cells precludes cer- tain processing functions that normally would have occurred in the earlier layers of the retina. Therefore, it may be necessary to perform certain functions on the incom- ing imagery before stimulation to compensate for the missing processing. Unfor- tunately, a detailed model of human retinal functions has never been confirmed. Nevertheless, animal models of retinal processing exist and are suitable for use in defining processing algorithms. In fact, an existing model of the tiger salamander ret- ina (Teeters et al. As a future concept, a permanent IRP that responds to incident photons naturally imaged through the lens of the eye was shown in the bottom half of figure 2. It would be surgically implanted, with no external connections passing through the eye 38 Dean Scribner and colleagues wall. Specifi- cally, the permanent implant would use an NCG array hybridized to a silicon chip in a manner identical to that of the test device. However, the unit cell circuitry would need to be redesigned in that the image would no longer be multiplexed onto the chip through an electrical lead from an external camera.

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Dosage is CLIENT TEACHING GUIDELINES Propylthiouracil or Methimazole General Considerations Self-Administration ✔ These drugs are sometimes called antithyroid drugs be- ✔ Take at regular intervals around the clock zoloft 25mg online depression symptoms lack of motivation, usually every cause they are given to decrease the production of thyroid 8 hours order 100mg zoloft visa mood disorder in young children. Some drugs contain iodide, which can in- ✔ crease the likelihood of goiter and the risk of adverse restrict amounts of seafood or iodized salt. These effects from excessive doses of iodide (eg, some cough sources of iodide may need to be reduced or omitted dur- syrups, asthma medications, and multivitamins may con- ing antithyroid drug therapy. CHAPTER 25 THYROID AND ANTITHYROID DRUGS 361 gradually increased at approximately 2-week intervals drug before starting thyroid replacement. Thyroid hormones until symptoms are relieved and a normal serum TSH increase tissue metabolism and tissue demands for adreno- level (0. Infants requiring thyroid hormone replacement need relatively large doses. After thyroid drugs are started, Antithyroid Drugs the maintenance dosage is determined by periodic radioimmunoassay of serum thyroxine levels and by Dosage Factors periodic radiographs to follow bone development. Clients who are elderly or have cardiovascular disease until a euthyroid state is reached, usually in 6 to 8 weeks. A require cautious treatment because of a high risk of ad- maintenance dose, in the smallest amount that prevents recur- verse effects on the cardiovascular system. Thus, they rent symptoms of hyperthyroidism, is then given for 1 year or are given smaller initial doses and smaller increments longer. Dosage should be decreased if the thyroid gland en- at longer intervals than younger adults. Hypothyroidism and the Metabolism Duration of Antithyroid Therapy of Other Drugs No clear-cut guidelines exist regarding duration of antithyroid Changes in the rate of body metabolism affect the metabolism drug therapy because exacerbations and remissions occur. Most drugs given to a client with hypothy- It is usually continued until the client is euthyroid for 6 to roidism have a prolonged effect because drug metabolism in 12 months. Diagnostic tests to evaluate thyroid function or the liver is delayed and the glomerular filtration rate of the kid- a trial withdrawal then may be implemented to determine neys is decreased. Also, drug absorption from the intestine or whether the client is likely to remain euthyroid without further a parenteral injection site may be slowed. If the drug is to be discontinued, this is usually of many other drugs should be reduced, including digoxin and done gradually over weeks or months. In addition, people with hypothyroidism are especially likely to experience respiratory depression and myxedema coma with opioid analgesics and other sedating drugs. However, when Iodine preparations and thioamide antithyroid drugs are con- necessary, they are given very cautiously and in dosages of traindicated during pregnancy because they can lead to goiter approximately one third to one half the usual dose. Once thyroid replacement therapy is started and stabilized, Hyperthyroidism and the Metabolism the client becomes euthyroid, has a normal rate of metabo- of Other Drugs lism, and can tolerate usual doses of most drugs if other influ- encing factors are not present. On the other hand, excessive Treatment of hyperthyroidism changes the rate of body me- doses of thyroid drugs may produce hyperthyroidism and a tabolism, including the rate of metabolism of many drugs. In this instance, larger During the hyperthyroid state, drug metabolism may be very doses of most other drugs are necessary to produce the same rapid, and higher doses of most drugs may be necessary to effects. Rather than increasing dosage of other drugs, how- achieve therapeutic results. When the client becomes euthy- ever, dosage of thyroid drugs should be reduced so the client roid, the rate of drug metabolism is decreased. Duration of Replacement Therapy Iodine Ingestion and Hyperthyroidism Thyroid replacement therapy in the client with hypo- thyroidism is lifelong. Medical supervision is needed fre- Iodine is present in foods (especially seafood) and in contrast quently during early treatment and at least annually after the dyes used for gallbladder and other radiologic procedures. Adrenal Insufficiency Use in Children When hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency coexist, the For hypothyroidism in children, replacement therapy is re- adrenal insufficiency should be treated with a corticosteroid quired because thyroid hormone is essential for normal growth 362 SECTION 4 DRUGS AFFECTING THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM and development. Therefore, a thorough physical examina- choice in children and dosage needs may change with growth. To monitor drug effects on be increased in clients receiving bronchodilators or other growth, height and weight should be recorded and compared cardiac stimulants. To decrease adverse effects, the drugs with growth charts at regular intervals. Adverse drug effects should be given in small initial dosages (eg, 25 mcg/day) are similar to those seen in adults, and children should be mon- and increased by 25 mcg/day at monthly intervals until itored closely. For hyperthyroidism in children, propylthiouracil or me- Periodic measurements of serum TSH levels are indicated thimazole is used. Potential risks of adverse effects are simi- to monitor drug therapy, and doses can be adjusted when lar to those in adults.

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